UEFA suspends disciplinary proceedings against Super League rebels

After repeated “threats” and the launch of disciplinary proceedings, the clubs challenged UEFA’s breach of Court decisions after which the governing of body of football was forced to suspend the proceedings.

UEFA suspends disciplinary proceedings against Super League rebels
The prospect of Super League has caused massive outrage amongst football fans all-around the world. (Photo Credit: AFP)

UEFA, the highest body for governing football in Europe, has temporarily suspended its disciplinary proceedings against the three Super Legue ‘rebel clubs’, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. UEFA chose to take actions action against the three clubs after they refused to disassociate themselves from the breakaway project despite repeated warnings. The governing body which had earlier hinted strict sanctions and a possible ban from the Champions League, decided to launch the disciplinary proceedings towards the end of May. The controversial move by UEFA was then challenged by the three clubs in the Eurpoean Court of Justice which had earlier ruled in favour of the clubs. But on Wednesday, a Madrid court in which the clubs had originally initiated the legal proceedings, directed UEFA to suspend its proceedings

“UEFA takes note of the decision taken today by the independent UEFA Appeals Body to temporarily suspend the disciplinary proceedings that had been opened against FC Barcelona, Juventus FC and Real Madrid CF for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project,” said UEFA.

What does this mean?

This means that the three clubs are well within their rights and protected by the European Court of Justice to continue with their prospect of a separate league. The Europan Court of Justice had earlier declared that UEFA cannot punish the clubs for their involvement in the Super League project. After UEFA launched the proceedings, the three clubs hit back with their joint statement that appealed the European authorities to protect their rights.

“This alarming attitude (of UEFA) constitutes a flagrant breach of the decision of the courts of justice, which have already made a clear statement warning UEFA to refrain from taking any action that could penalise the founding clubs of the Super League while the legal proceedings are ongoing,” the joint statement read.

What about the other nine clubs?

The other nine clubs including the ‘big six’ English clubs that had withdrawn just 48 hours after their participation, faced light penalties and warnings from UEFA. Through an agreement the clubs had committed to forfeit 5% of their prize money from all European competitions in the 2022-23 season and pay a combined fee of 15 million euros as a “gesture of goodwill” which will be used by UEFA to benefit children, youth and grassroots of football in Europe. This comes as a big irony because the clubs which continue to be a part of the Super League, have escaped all charges and financial penalties.

What’s next for the three ‘rebel clubs’?

Well the three clubs do not want to steer away from their goal of “reforming football”. Real Madrid president and the Chairman of Super League project Flrorentino Perez, believes that the current system put in place by UEFA, is incompetetnt, outdated and not profitable for the clubs. With three of the oldest and most successful institutions of world football trying to bring a change, thee future of European football hangs in the balance.