European Championships – Mascots over the years

With the 2020 Euro Cup just two days away, we take a look at all the mascots the competition has had so far including this year's 'Skillzy'.

Pinocchio (1980, Italy): The first-ever Euro to have a mascot. Pinocchio, whose birthplace is Florence in Italy, is one of the most admired children’s characters. Pinocchio was chosen to draw children’s attention to the game. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Peno (photo Tweeted By @s3bd4th)
Peno (1984, France): The first Euro to use an animal, Peno was the cartoon version of a white rooster, the bird which is considered a national symbol in France. (photo Tweeted By @s3bd4th)
Berni (photo Tweeted By @historicshirts)
Berni (1988, West Germany): Another animal was chosen for the 1988 tournament. Keeping in line with the sport, an energetic white rabbit was chosen. (Photo Tweeted By @historicshirts)
Rabbit (photo Tweeted By @motdmag)
Rabbit (1992, Sweden): The Nordic nation followed the path of its predecessor from four years ago. The rabbit was, like its name suggests, a rabbit donning the colours of the Swedish flag. (Photo Tweeted By @motdmag)
Goaliath (photo Tweeted By @motdmag)
Goaliath (1996, England): Goaliath was based on the original World Cup mascot from 1966, the one that England won England’s. Goaliath who is a lion, are also found on England’s national team jerseys. (Photo Tweeted By @motdmag)
Benelucky (2000, Netherlands and Belgium): The design had to represent both nations. An example of intelligent design, the Lion with a devils tail successfully incorporated the lions found on the Dutch crest as well as the tail of the ‘Red Devils’, the nickname of Belgium. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Kinas Crop
Kinas (2004, Portugal): Kinas was a cartoon boy dressed in the kit of the Portugal national team designed by Warner Bros. The most noticeable thing about him was his flat hair that rose till the back of his head. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Trix and Flix
Trix and Flix (2008, Austria and Switzerland): The names were chosen from a fan poll held across the host nations. Trix and Flix were twins, designed by Rainbow Productions and Warner Bros. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Slavek And Slavko
Slavek And Slavko (2012, Poland and Ukraine): Another set of twins and produced by the same pair Rainbow Productions and Warner Bros f with names being chosen through a poll. They were two child-like cartoons, each dressed in the respective colours of each host. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Super Victor
Super Victor (2016, France): A mascot that represents a superhero, Super Victor is a child hero that wears the kit of the French national football team. He is given a red cape too, to form the trio of blue, white and red colours. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)
Skillzy (2020, Across Europe): The 60th birthday of the Euros will see the competition have a mascot inspired by the streets and cities. Since the tournament will travel all across Europe, Skillzy is a freestyle baller who is inspired by the culture of panna skills, free-styling, and display of skills. (Photo tweeted by@EURO2020)