In pics: Flying Taxi that can hit speeds of 240 kmph over 100 kilometres distance

US-based Archer Aviation showcased the Maker, a flying taxi. Touted as the first urban air mobility vehicle, the world got a closer look at the craft at a virtual event in Los Angeles.

Archer Aviation
Flying taxis have the potential to become an everyday inter-city transport option. In the United States, the cost will be somewhere between $4 (roughly Rs 300) per passenger mile. (Photo credit: Archer Aviation)
The biggest advantage of these flying taxis will be the time saved as most urban cities worldwide routinely face road congestion problems. (Photo credit: Archer Aviation)
Archer Aviation 3 (1)
The company expects to commercially launch Maker in Los Angeles and Miami by 2024. (Photo credit: Archer Aviation)
Archer Aviation 3
To launch in the everyday market, getting approvals and meeting safety norms in the US could take some time, as these flying taxis take off and land like choppers and fly like planes. (Photo credit: Archer Aviation)
Archer Aircraft Interior
The co-founder and CEO of the company have only one aim, which is to make a mass-market transportation solution in and around cities. (Photo credit: Archer Aviation)