How to determine what body type you have? We tell you more…

Did you know each of us fall under the endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph body type? Well, these are well defined but with both diet and exercise, you can alter your somatotype. A report by Ishaan Arora.

How to determine what body type you have? We tell you more...
What body type are you?

New Delhi: Body type aka somatotype is the notion that people are born with one of three generalised body compositions. Dr WH Sheldon coined these compositions as endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph in the early 1940s to describe the three somatotypes. It was once thought that a person’s somatotype could not be changed and that certain physiological and psychological features were even influenced by the person’s body type. According to Sheldon, Endomorphs are usually rounded and soft, mesomorphs are always square and muscular, and ectomorphs are slender and fine-boned.

To know your body type is considered a must because that’s how you can determine your diet and fashion! Here’s a quick overview of the three body types.


This is the body type that traditionally had the most difficulty reducing weight, although they can quickly gain muscular mass.

Here are some characteristics that may suggest that you are an Endomorph:

1) Bone structures are stockier, with a broader belly and hips.

2) More fat is carried throughout the body.

3) You tend to gain weight quickly and shed it slowly.

4) Slow metabolism; can be caused by chronic diseases (e.g., thyroid shortage, diabetes), but it’s also a result of a sedentary lifestyle and a chronically positive daily energy balance.

5) Soft roundness is more prevalent than hard roundness in various parts of the body.

6) The digestive internal organs are larger and more powerful than the rest of the body.

7) Have a more comfortable, at ease and outgoing attitude.


Mesomorphs are regarded to be the luckiest of the three body types, due to their ability to gain muscle without gaining too much fat.

Let’s have a look at how to figure out whether you’re a Mesomorph or not:

1) Shoulders are wider than hips, indicating a medium bone structure.

2) Efficient metabolism allows for mass gain and reduction with relative ease.

3) Muscle, bone, and connective tissue have a relative predominance in the bodily economy.

4) The shape is heavy, rigid, and rectangular.

5) Have a personality that is more active, lively, assertive and forceful.


Ectomorphs often known as ‘hard gainers in the fitness world, don’t have to worry as much about getting fat, but they do have trouble gaining muscle mass.

Ectomorphs share the following characteristics:

1) Linearity and fragility have relative dominance.

2) Sensory exposure is increased when the skin surface area is larger than the body mass.

3) Have a personality that is more introverted, reflective, inhibited, and sensitive.

4) Muscles that are shorter than their bone length.

5) Many people find it difficult to gain weight due to their naturally rapid metabolism.

6) This could be a sign of an eating disorder also (e.g., anorexia, bulimia)

Despite how it may appear at times, you are not fully confined to one of the categories! Diet and exercise both can alter your somatotype, allowing you to change the script over time.

(Ishaan Arora)