Online classes in Odisha to livestream on YouTube from June 21

Odisha School Education Programme Authority said online classes will live stream on YouTube from June 21. The trial run has to be over by June 17, Poonia has ordered. Check details here.

Online classes in Odisha to livestream on YouTube from June 21
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New Delhi: State Project Director of Odisha School Education Programme Authority(OSEPA) Bhupendra Singh Poonia asked 13 of the 30 district education officers to arrange two classrooms preferably in the centre of excellence schools/ Transformation High Schools or schools located near to district headquarter towns for YouTube Live Streaming Virtual Classes. The trial run has to be over by June 17, Poonia told the media.

Khordha, Balangir, Cuttack, Kendrapara, Ganjam, Koraput Puri, Dhenkanal, Sundargarh, Nayagarh, Bhadrak, Balasore and Sambalpur are the district where live-streaming classes would be held.

The OSEPA in the letter to schools also said the classrooms should have walls painted white with low-cost soundproofing.

“There should be sufficient light in the room with special lights or halogen for video recording. Rooms should have AC or at least ceiling fans. A whiteboard (preferably of size 5×4 ft) with marker pens and stand for whiteboard and a flex banner of 6×4 ft size with uniform print matter is needed,” he wrote in the letter.

Poonia further added, “The other requirements are desktop /laptop with at least 4 GB ram, i5 processor, more than 2 USB ports, 2 cameras, either a camcorder video camera or webcam of high resolution with autofocus/zoom, HDMI Capture Card/ HDMI USB adapter, a wireless lapel microphone, stand (tripod or other) for the camera.”

Livestreaming idea on  YouTube:

The idea of YouTube live streaming for students is an Odisha government innovation. However, this is not the first time that the education department has launched a new more of online learning. Other sources for online classes as tried out by schools include, online learning through WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom and Skype. Earlier the Odisha School Education Programme Authority had also telecast video lessons on chapters of different subjects for Class X on the DD Odia TV channel.

Slot for the question-answer session

The students can put up questions for subject teachers and those questions will be addressed immediately after the session is over, in a time slot allotted for the interactive question-answer session.

(Charushree Chandawat)