INI CET 2021: Examinations postponed by one month, read more here

The Supreme Court today has directed AIIMS to postpone the exam by at least one-month keeping in view of Covid-19 surge. Read the official notice on

INI CET 2021: Examinations postponed by one month, read more here
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New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India ordered the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to postpone the INI CET 2021 exam by one month in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. A bench of justice Indira Banerjee and justice MR Shah were hearing petitions challenging the examination of the INI CET 2021. AIIMS will announce a new date for the examination in due course of time. The Supreme Court said, that it was of the opinion that June 16 date is arbitrary. “We direct the exam to be postponed by one month, Needless to say, the exam can be held anytime after the expiry of one month,” Justice Indira Banerjee, said today.

Earlier INI CET 2021 was scheduled to be held on May 8 but was rescheduled to June 16 due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the country. This order was passed following a petition filed by 26 doctors. The petition was filed through advocate Pallavi Pratap. The petition said that students should be given one month’s time to prepare for the examination. “In the instant case, only 19 days prior notice is given. Also, the centers for the examination are in different states or far from the aspirants’ place of working which may require traveling and thereby facing travel restrictions,” the petition read.

The doctors further appealed to the Supreme Court that conducting the INI CET 2021 exam in the pandemic will increase the pressure on them. Many doctors are not fully vaccinated while few have not even received their first dose yet. So, holding the examination could endanger their lives, the plea added.

For more details on exam date and schedule etc, one can visit the AIIMS website.

(Charushree Chandawat)